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About us

Supershift creates custom build websites and applications powered by Microsoft technology. Our structured approach allows us to create good working solutions.


Supershift has been founded in 2006 by Koen Borgman, Marc Molenwijk and Michiel Nachtegaal. The first period the company was based in Delft in the Delftechpark. This was a typical startup setup. 

In that period the team consisted of 6 people and  a lot of websites and applications where launched in that period. Later on the team expanded to 10 people, which really streamlined the production process.

After the startup phase Supershift moved to a monumental building in the heart of Delft. At this location the team matured and build great projects, for clients like ING, RTL News, Tristar, WOW veilingen, ALSO and Micromedia.

The next step in our adventure was made at the Kalfjeslaan. At this point in time our team had a growth spurt to 15 people. This gave Supershift the opportunity to service bigger clients, like Thomas Cook, FTI, VaultN, Privileges and Landal.

In 2021 Supershift decided to adapt to the working from home trend, as a result from the Covid pandemic. The office has moved to a shared offices facility "The Lobby".